Denbigh Men’s Shed plays host to Mens Sheds Kenya’s George Kuria !

DMS Pics MARCH 1ST 010

The guys at Denbigh Men’s Shed were delighted to receive a visit from Men’s Shed Kenya’s Director,  George Kuria – pictured here with the team.

“George and the guys from Kenya have so much to teach us…” says Denbig Men’s Sheds Director, Nathan Sarea – “..ever since I first met George at the at the inaugeral IMSO event in Belfast, last October – I have wanted him to come over and share his wisdom with us..”

And today – that wish came true !

Everyone was buzzing with excitement – in particular Denbigh’s resident African princeling-in -exile, Paul Rubanga, pictured here on the left, who has been keeping in touch with George  – and exploring the idea of helping him getting Men’s Sheds off the ground in some other African countries, including his former homeland, Uganda.

DMS Pics MARCH 1ST 043

Tristan Jones takes a moment to pose for a pic with George with the awesome-looking scale Denbigh Men’s Shed Project Landie scale-rig.  George said he couldn’t believe it was just a model when he first saw the initial pictures. And he was awed to see it up close and all the hard work Tristan has put into it.

DMS Pics MARCH 1ST 039

Then there was time for a little woodcarving, under the tutiledge of Denbigh Men’s Shed’s Stephen Hession – pictured here sporting his official ‘Men’s Sheds Canada’ apron, as gifted by none other than beloved Canadian Shedi, Doug Mackie……

DMS Pics MARCH 1ST 034


George also met our Paul Garrod for the first time (pictured here with Ian Williams) – the man who had crafted a beautiful Men’s Shed Kenya cross-stitch panel, which we sent overseas to the guys at Naivasha Ihindu Shed, for Christmas.

They guys over there responded by sending Paul a beautifully crafted bead bracelet , woven with the Union Jack and Kenyan flag !

Paul has now been commissioned to produce a commemorative panel for Men’s Sheds Kenya’s first anniversary celebrations, in June this year.

Denbigh Men’s Shed have offered to donate a laptop for this celebration-day, so their brothers from Naivasha Ihindu Shed can come to a local town and Skype-call them – all the way from Africa……..

DMS Pics MARCH 1ST 009


Its like the team here have become fond of saying –

“There are ‘Shed’ days – and then there are Denbigh Men’s Shed days !!”

DMS Pics MARCH 1ST 008


The crew and George Kuria, pictured here just after another tasty lunch. If you ever meet this man – you will quickly learn why we consider him to be a true ‘Shedi’ – and why the International Men’s Sheds community is so valuable to us all.

Just hearing George Kuria talk about all the really socially enlightened activities the guys are involved in, over in Kenya, just turns most people’s perceptions on their heads. We have a vast amount to learn from George – and a vast amount to learn from what these his Men’s Sheds Kenya guys are doing in their own communities.

It truly is an inspiration. And we are truly honoured to know friends like George…….