Another BIG day out for Denbigh Men’s Shed……..


Denbighshire Arts Service has teamed up with Countryside Services and local artist Ben Davis (pictured centre) to transport the guys from Denbigh Men’s Shed to Loggerheads Country Park for a day of fun and photography !


Loggerheads group pic


The guys took it all in their stride – and we headed for the Devil’s Gorge for a spot of adventure and abseiling…..

There were a LOT of pictures taken too, you know !


Devils gorge bridge 1


The view from the floor of the awesome cave system at the Devil’s Gorge…..


Devil's Gorge cave


Denbigh Men’s Shed’s Tristan Jones dons a harness and skillfully abseils down the gorge……


TJ Absails the gorge


Close-up pic of one of the many sculptures found on the Loggerheads trail…..


Ste's pic 1


A great day out – and literally 100’s of pictures were snapped, whilst we wandered the landscape and enjoyed ourselves.

Can’t wait to see the exhibition !

So its a lot of image-processing and Dropboxing to Ben to sift the images for the Denbigh Men’s Shed display which will be coming soon………