Llengendary Llangollen Faery Festival a huge success – Denbigh Men’s Shed making it happen again, behind the scenes…


Huge crowds visit the Legendary Llangollen Faery Festival again, this year – and the team from Denbigh Men’s Shed was there, working hard behind the scenes to make it happen !

With over 200+ craft trade-stalls and visitors in the thousands – the event has now firmly established itself as one of the largest themed craft-fairs in the region – and possibly the largest Faery Festival in the country……..

And – best of all – its right on our doorstep !!

Scenes from inside the busy Pavillion…….


Faery Fest 2017 pic 9


The 2017 Denbigh Men’s Shed stall was our biggest and best display, to date – with woodwork projects, garden produce, jewellery, cross-stitch and some scale radio-controlled 4×4 vehicles on show…..


Feary Fest stall 3


The 1/10 scale off-roaders certainly drew a lot of interest…….


Faery Fest pic 4


Fresh Fruit & Produce from the Denbigh Men’s Shed gardens, at Trefeirian, with some lovely examples of turned wooden bowls and candlesticks.


Faery Fest pic 5


Nathan Sarea catches up with Denbigh Men’s Shed friend – story-teller and BCUHB staff member, Wyn Evans – pictured here in full medieval regalia……


Faery Fest 2017 pic 8


Well done to all the Denbigh Men’s Shed team for keeping it all going smoothly, across the weekend.

The stall seen pictured below, as it was on Friday afternoon, before the fun really started…..

Unless you have worked beside us at this event, you wouldn’t believe how the place goes from being an empty Pavillion, to a bustling and busy Faery Festival .

Not only in the behind-the-scenes set-up, in the preceeding days – but acting as the information-point for all the traders, to co-ordinating camping and marshalling vehicles on and off site. All thanks to a small, dedicated team, in hi-vis shirts

As usual – everybody spoke highly of the guys – and just how hard they had all worked to support the event.

Through their own merits – and all credit to them –  the guys have made Denbigh Men’s Shed part of the familiar landscape of the (definitely now !) Legendary Llangollen Faery Festival – so much so, that we have been invited back by the organisers to help run the new ‘Cogwarts Steampunk Spectacular’ event, in September !                Not really sure what to expect – but the team are quick to step up and volunteer, whatever the weather !!


Please check out the link below to visit the official ‘Cogwarts Steampunk Spectacular’ Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/events/218716398536652/



Faery Fest 2017 Pic 1