“All aboard the Cogwarts Express !” – Denbigh Men’s Shed supports the first ever local Steampunk event


Its “All aboard the Cogwarts Express !”, as the team from Denbigh Men’s Shed step up to support their second event of the year at the Llangollen Pavillion !


Cogwarts banner pic 2017


Ever since the Faery Festival, we have been trying to work out what this ‘Steampunk’ thing was all about. Well – this weekend we got the chance to find out, first hand !

Although our role was mostly stewarding¬† –¬† we decided to get into the spirit – and create a little display-stall, where people could come and meet us and find out about Denbigh Men’s Shed…..




So – first of all, we discovered ‘Steampunk’ is all about fun !

And AMAZING outfits…..

And really great people….

And fantastic ideas and creativity…..

And is a kind of Harry Potter meets Jules Verne meets HP Lovecraft meets splendid Victoriana Sci-fi – and yes – almost anything goes – as long as it works, aesthetically…….

Like the good gentleman pictured below – who is a plumber, by trade – and was here with his stunning works van, in aid of McMillan Cancer Research. It truly had to be seen to be believed – but the attention to detail was just incredible !




This chap certainly caught my eye ( no punn intended !!) with his fantastic outfit – all home-made from leather and brass and copper. This is Mike, from Warrington – a really great guy – with plenty of time to chat and pose for numerous pictures. Talk about raising the bar !



Project Director, Nathan Sarea and Mike, pictured in front of the Denbigh Men’s Shed stall. Nathan’s costume hastily improvised the night before, from Asda – and his loft !



Nathan says “The transformational moment came for me as I stood on Llangollen station, surrounded by clouds of steam bathed in that incredible golden light – and captured this amazing silhouette picture….there was a surge of nostalgia for the age of steam – for a simpler way of life – and I was transported to another world…”

“Hats off to Tink for having such an amazing idea – we’re hooked !”




Organiser, Tink Bell ( centre ) with Denbigh Men’s Shed friend, Melanie Sinclair and niece, Isobel Morris – all in full costume at Carrog station.




Denbigh Men’s Shed are proud to be supporting the Cogwarts events – which we can see are going to be a roaring success .

The team all agree – this was one of the best weekends we’ve all had in years……..

We met so many great people and made great connections and new friendships, so it was well worth the effort – and lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves.

Combining a really spectacular fun event, including local cultural heritage attractions, whilst boosting the local economy, really takes some doing, so – all credit to Tink Bell – it doesn’t get much better than this !