‘Shed-SOS’ was the brainwave of Denbigh Men’s Shed Chairman, Ian Williams, in June 2015 – and is a way for our members to get involved in helping each other, our wider community and other organisations.

Our Shed-SOS team pictured here, at work to re-felt the residents’ summer house roof, at partner organisation, Hafal’s Bryn-y-Wal site, in North Wales.




Shed-SOS is a way for our members to get out there – demonstrate some of their practical skills – and make a difference to the lives of others.

Our team have helped people turn situations like this…




Into amazing events , like this !




And for our members – the opportunities and confidence boost can mean someone can go from feeling like this….




To feeling like this !




And this…..




And this….




At Denbigh Men’s Shed – we are all about helping people grow. And when people grow – they get better.


Denbigh Men’s Shed ‘Shed-SOS’ service is free of charge. We only ask that people purchase their own materials. Donations are always welcomed – and simply allow us to increase the good work we do. This is what we like to think of as ‘paying it forward’.


If you would like our Shed-SOS team’s help – please contact Nathan, our Project Director – on : 07712210019 / email : info@denbighmensshed.org….